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Your Best Friend

What are you looking for in your future spouse? Most people I speak to have this list of what they are looking for, go over yours. What’s on it? Does it describe physical traits, or emotional? What you should be looking for is really your best friend.

Think of your best friend for a moment, you will be there for each other no matter what. You may agree or disagree with them at times but you will always be loyal to them, and love them. If they get ill, you will be by there side through it all. If they go through hardship, loose all there money, you will still love them for who they are.

Now think of what you are looking for in a spouse, does this apply? It should. If you are looking for someone who is beautiful, what happens if G-D forbid they are in an accident, and disfigured or loose a limb – will you still love them unconditionally? If you are looking for someone who will provide for you, be financially secure, and they loose there money, what will happen in your relationship?

Your best friend, someone who will be there, support you no matter what will happen – who you can laugh, cry, and go through any of life’s unexpected occurances, that is what you want in a spouse.

So go over your list, time to make some changes, look more for the emotional traits, what type of person they are. Yes it is important to be physically attracted to them, but usually the attraction comes when you are together – and seeing the good in a person, and that you love is unconditional.

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