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Words of Wisdom in Jewish Dating

I was speaking with someone today, and he was telling me his dating stories. It was incredible to think how one person could have been hurt so many times over the years, while dating.

I don’t think anyone purposely goes out to hurt someone during the process of dating. So why do we hear so many nightmare stories of how people were so hurt? Is it so difficult to be nice to someone when ending a relationship? I realize that usually someone will get hurt, but maybe if we try to be a little more sensitive when doing so, it won’t last as long.

On the other side, I spoke to someone who was involved with someone, and things weren’t working out, but the relationship ended by them both speaking it through, and realized together this was for the best for both of them.

Dating is difficult enough, but to be spiteful and hurt others feelings, I don’t think that is anyone’s intention. With Rosh Hashanah just days away, maybe this is one area that you can try to be more sensitive about. Treat others how you yourself would want to be treated. Just try.

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