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Too Busy to Date

This is my beef on behalf of all the serious daters out there. There is a great feature on Jretromatch that most members do not take advantage of and that would greatly ease the frustrations of the matchmakers and members. Next to your picture on the main page is a status button. This allows you to change your status from available to busy or out of town. That way you will not get matches when you are too busy to date or unavailable saving the matchmakers and the members you are matched up with a lot of frustrations. I don’t understand why someone would accept match right before going on vacation or before a huge important test. In both cases you will not be able to give 100% of yourself and actually give this match a try. I personally think a lot of great matches end up fiddling away because one of the members is not available and the member who is gets tired of waiting.

When you are ready to receive matches again just change your status back to available. Save a lot of frustrations by the matchmakers and members just by doing a simple click :)

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