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Time to stop and think – in Jewish Dating.

What happens today is so many people want to get a good education, and advanced degree. They are so involved in this that they may have the potential to missing out on finding there partner. They spend so much time pursuing what they think will be a good thing then find themselves in there 30′s and 40′s missing out on something. .  

Others may decide that to travel and see the world is there way of life. So they spend the time working hard to pay for the extended trips around the world. Not making the time to meet anyone.

Maybe for some it is time to stop and think. What do you really want? Meeting your future partner?  Or the degree, stamps in the passport, or the family that you could go home to at night, that will be there for you. Your partner is out there, if you take the time, be a little flexible, maybe even creative, and start going out. By sitting around, or running around you will not meet anyone. So stop and think what you want, before you find yourself, single and alone.

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