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Throw out your List – In Jewish Dating..

I have written about this before – SHOPPING LIST IN JEWISH DATING. – we all have things that we are looking for in a partner, physically, personality, whatever, but take your list and get rid of it. Or I will honestly say- look at it closely – other then things that are so important – that you really feel you can or can’t compromise on then those can be up for discussion…

I want to share with you an email I just received from a member on the Jretromatch site…she had changed her status to Engaged and I emailed her to say Mazel Tov and ask her how she met her finance..


We were introduced on the website “______My fiancé was actually on Jretromatch too, but we probably never would have gotten matched up because “on paper” he doesn’t fit what I thought I was looking for. We are a perfect example of the clique “when you throw out the list, you’ll meet the one.”

SO there you have it – it happened to me – it happened to her…maybe you will be the next one

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