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Thinking it Through

All of you stop for a moment and think about what I have to say. No multi- tasking for a bit, no speaking on the phone while reading. I want you all to take 5 minutes and try to really think about what is important to you in a match and what are the things that you are looking for in a match. Take out a piece a paper and write them down. Now look at the list, do some of them seem not so important once you read them? Are some them STOPPING you from meeting a great guy or girl? 

Let’s try to think about what is important to look for and what should be on that list.

1. Goals – It is important to find someone who has a similar life vision as you do. I don’t mean you have to both want to finish a marathon, but you both should want to take your life in similar directions. If she only wants to travel the world and he only wants to settle down and move to the suburbs chances are things won’t work out at this time.

2. Similar Values- To make a relationship work people need to have similar values. Personally I think the more similar the easier the relationship in the end.

3. Personality- This is a hard one to pinpoint but I think that the more you date the better idea you get for what type of personality meshes best with yours. It can be that up till now you have being going out with mostly extroverted people and that seems to be what you need but maybe someone more introverted would work as well. As I said it is mostly through experience that you will get a feel for what is best for you. You should always be looking for someone who is open to change and a great communicator, two of the most important things needed in a relationship.

4. Attraction- yes attraction is important but try not to make it into a list. You can only really tell if you are attracted to someone after you have met and spent time with them.

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