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The first phone call

I don’t know about you but I always kind of dreaded the first phone call. Sure I was excited to get a chance to meet a new person but I never knew who was going to be on the other line. In general, I truly believe that first phone calls should never be longer then 10 minutes. It should just be used as a way to introduce yourselves and talk about a time to meet for coffee or drinks. There are exceptions of course for people who are long distance and they can’t meet up in a few days. I don’t believe the first phone call should be an interview. Some of us actually are not comfortable on the phone and my not come across so smoothly.What should you talk about? I recommend looking at the person’s profile before calling and find a few points of interest to talk about, like what he/she does for living, where they grew up, or find something that you have in common and briefly talk about that. Also have in mind a few places that you can meet up in for a simple drink/coffee that way when you ask to meet up you will be prepared which will make the plans easier to make.Try to be yourself as much as possible and keep things light. Don’t ever talk about past relationships or any difficulties you are having in your life at that moment. This is not a friend you are talking to and you don’t know each other well enough to share very intimate details.Good luck!  

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