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Taboo Subjects on a First Date

Some of us out there are very open people and love to share. This goes for both men and women.  A lot of people out there will scare away potential matches just based on what they talked about either in the first phone call or first date. Here I am going to make a list of subjects that in my opinion should NEVER be talked about on the first date/phone call.

1. EXs- This person you are meeting does not know you and does not need to hear all about your ex (spouse or girlfriend/boyfriend). I know that it maybe something on your chest that you want to get off but complaining /whining on a first date is a real turn off. No one wants to hear it.

2. Work problems or any other grievances you have with the world- You are going out on the date to be able to get to know each other and not to hear about each others problems. No one wants to date someone who always complains or has loads of problems. Instead of talking about yourself, ask them a question about them and comment on what they said.

3. Sex- I know I was quite shocked when I heard from some of my members that their match brought up the subject of sex on the first date. Sex is not something that should be brought up on the first date. I know it is an important part of your relationship but trust me it can wait until the relationship starts to develop. 

One of the biggest complaints by both men and women is that either the match never asked them questions and sat silently or only talked about themselves. Remember a conversation entails two people talking and asking each other questions. Have some questions ready if you feel that you might be to nervous to converse easily.

Good Luck!�

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