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Summer Loving!

Most of us can remember the song from
Greece that Danny and Sandy sing about their summer fling. Each person viewed the relationship differently and in the end when the summer was over so was the fling.  Now that summer is almost over and the Jewish holidays are coming very quickly, it is time to buckle down and do some serious soul searching.

Why haven’t you found a great gal or guy? Are you sending the wrong signals? Are you letting people know you are open and interested? Or are your words saying one thing but your body language saying something else? Are you looking for the wrong things? Are you stuck in a pattern of dating the wrong people only to get hurt time and time again?

It is time to step back and revaluate what you are looking for and what steps you are taking to find that perfect match. If you are only online looking for dates or only hoping that friends will suggest someone to you, you might want to think about expanding your search to other venues. Try playing co-ed sports, go to an interesting lecture, put your profile on dating sites like ours or go to singles events. Don’t expect Mr. or Mrs. Right to fall on your doorstep.

Working on yourself and growing is also an important part of finding a life partner. It is better to come into a relationship a stronger person then having to deal with it later. I am a big believer in therapy and I highly suggest getting some help if you find that you are not able to get close to someone or are afraid to commit.  Also as a previously mentioned there is great reading material out there for people looking to improve themselves.

Good luck!

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