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I wanted to talk about what I think is a cool feature on our site that is not used enough right now by most members.  We have all gone out with someone who was just not right for us but was a nice person. Our wheels start turning and we think he/she would be great for my friend. On Jretromatch we have a feature that allows you to set up anyone at all that is either on or off the site. That is you can set up a friend with someone you met through Jretromatch or you can set up two people who are not at all on the site. All you need is their e-mail address. It can also be done anonymously so if you want to set yourself up with someone from the office who you think is cute, just put in the details and we will do all the work :)

 All you have to do is click on the right side of your main page in jretromatch where it says Suggest a match and fill in the details. Now you can also be a matchmaker :)

Happy Matching!

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