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Something to think about

You open your e-mail and you see you got a message from Jretromatch that says mail is waiting for you on the site. You eagerly log in to see if it is a match waiting for your response. Yeah it is a match, maybe it will be a great one. You look at the profile and you think ok not bad I will give it a shot. To make a long story short you both accept and you wait for each of you to call and no one does.

Why? All day long for work you make a million phone calls, find the time to run around and do most of what you need to do but in the end of the day you haven’t made 15 min clear to call someone to see if this match could work. When you really want something most of us (most of you have very impressive careers and resumes) run to get it till it is yours.  Why is this different? Why is this not a priority in your life? I am not here to blame but I really want each of you to think about it. If finding a partner is something really important to you, then you need to make the time and effort to do so. Relationships need time and work but are rewarding in the end. I personally don’t think women have to wait till the guys call, if you like his profile make the effort as well, I know most men will appreciate it.  Guys, you are not off the hook. If you are really busy make a quick call to let her know you will be in touch soon and that you just wanted to say hi.  I always recommend to both people that if they are not able to call or be reached when they accept a match to let their matchmakers know so we can pass on the message.

Now for all of you who haven’t called your match yet, pick up the phone, I know they will appreciate it :)  


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