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Some small dating tips

If you are dating someone and still not sure, then you should continue to go out till you are, make sure before you end it, as this could be the person that could be your partner.

Sometimes it takes a few dates to really know if this person is for you, one date may not give you the “feeling”, it may take a few to feel the chemistry.

One phone call should not be the deciding factor if you should get together, people may not be comfortabel on the first call, or outside circumstances, bad day at the office may ruin the moment. Give it a little time, speak a few times, and if you are in the same city, try to get together, it only a few hours of your time, and this could be your partner that you are not giving the chance to meet.

Dating is a process, but remember you are trying to meet the person you will spend your furture with, take the time, don’t judge the person so quickly.

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