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Second Chance

I am sure you have all heard of people who have dated someone a few years back and things didn’t work out only to met again and then get married. What changed? A lot of things could of changed. Both people might have done a lot of introspection since then and matured as a person. Also the more we date, the more we get a clearer picture of what is important to us in our mate. It might be that 5 years earlier you were obsessed with finding someone who was over 6 feet and he was only 5″10 so you broke up with him ( Don’t laugh, I encounter this everyday with declines).

In short, what I am trying to get to is that sometimes, it might be a good idea to take another look at matches that were suggested to you awhile back. It might be at the time that the matchmaker suggested them to you, it was not a good time for you or you were busy with other matches. You can also take a second look at matches that you spoke to but never met for whatever reason. In all cases just ask your matchmaker to re-suggest this person to you so you can see their profile again.

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