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Sarcasm and dating

I just learnt the most interesting thing about sarcasm. I never was that comfortable being around very sarcastic people. Something about that type of sense of humor was mean and felt wrong and now I think I know why.  There is a great Psychologist out there called Armand Demille. He has a fantastic radio show weekly about different psychology topics (you should check it out at free to download the shows).  Recently he had a whole show about sarcasm. This is a must listen to for all you sarcastic people out there and those with close ones who are very sarcastic. The reason I am writing about this to get you to think about making improvements in yourself and also to be aware of certain warning signs in a relationship.

Basically sarcasm can be dived up into a few things. It can be used to distance one self from the other person emotionally. Think about it. You tell your significant other a great thing that happened to you and they respond with a sarcastic comment. People who tend to do this are trying to distance themselves from you and are not comfortable being close. This is something to watch for in a relationship.

Sarcasm can also be a way to mask our anger.  Those snotty comments are sometimes a way to let our anger out and then we cover it up by responding with “only joking”. If your match is someone who frequently does this (or you are someone who does) it is something to think about once again.

Just to not insult all you sarcastic people out there, sarcasm is actually related to our intelligence and the more intelligent we are the better our sarcasm is and the more we can understand sarcasm (how about that for a way to judge someone’s level of intelligence.

Now go be sarcastic…only joking :)

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