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Relationships and being single

When we look at dating, what is the reason for this? Ask yourself, are you looking for a partner for life or someone to have fun with, without the responsibilities of making a real committment?

When you wait so long or have your priorities to the financial gain, or employment, you may miss out on so much. As we get older it is just more difficult to meet someone for the committment, or when you finally “wake-up” you realize that those eligible and suitable men/woman are not available or have so much baggage.

We have to overcome these challenges and accept that life is what it is, not imaging it as what we want it to be. Look at yourselves and be realistic. I always say when you are only really happy with yourself, can you meet someone, as you can open yourself up to a successful relationship.

If you see you are not going anywhere in a relationship, or have unrealistic expectations, maybe it is time to speak to someone and work these things out. Change the “pattern”, and hopefully you will meet the right person.

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