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“Quick Replies” in dating: Sometimes they will hurt…

So many times we are quick to speak out to our loved ones, and complain about there “bad habits”. But why don’t we look at the situation a little differently. This can even happen when you are dating.

Situation 1:

One person is always late. The typical reaction to this is to make a comment. ” I don’t understand why you can never get here on time, what do you do with yourself all day that puts you so behind”.

instead say:

“Why, you are late again, did you have a rough day today dear? I am sorry. Lets see if I can help you out a little in the future to see if we can figure out a way that this doesn’t happen?


The house is always a mess when I get here, I just don’t understand why you can’t clean up after yourself?


I see you didn’t get to clean up, you must be having a really rough time managing your job(s), (maybe kids), and doing everything you have to. Why don’t I come over once a week and instead of us going out take the time together to get things in order.

Try to be more understanding and forgiving. Look at things a little differently. What makes one person concerned, can be anothers selfishness. Don’t “jump” too quickly to make a statement that you will regret later, or learn to say you are sorry. Think before speaking, and help each other out. Relationships as well as marriage is hard work, you don’t think twice about working so hard for your pay check at the end of the week, maybe it is time to look at you relationship, and be willing to work at it just as much. Take the time.

It is very easy to say something that will be misinterpreted. Learn to recognize this, and together work on it. It is easier to fix something that still works then to re-build something that is broken.

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