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Questions to ask, or not to ask in Jewish Dating

When you meet someone and are interested, the first questions are not usually,

* how old you are

* do you have children

* where do you live

But somehow with on-line dating these are the questions that everyone is focused on. How about trying to overlook this. Maybe the chances of meeting someone will be a little easier if these questions are not the priorities. Does it really matter if the person is younger/older then you were hoping, if they have or don’t have children, and if they live to far and you are compatible, then you can make it work.

Get to know the person first, and then all the other things could probably work out as well. No relationship will be ideal, and to find a person that you connect with is not easy. So forget about all the other “outside” issues and just get to know the person. The bigger issues can then fall into place, and if they can’t be worked out, well, then the relationship just wasn’t meant to be.

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