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Ok I know, the sign up process can be long and just when you thought it was over you get to that box with the line on top that says min. of 25 characters. You all know what I am talking about and I have also been guilty of getting to that spot and not wanting to write. The problem is that this is the most important part of your profile. Without a well thought of answer it not only makes it hard for the matchmakers to make a match for you but also for other members to really get a feel for what you are like. Take your time, even if you sign up one day and only fill that in the next few days that is fine. A well written profile will get you much further with online Jewish dating. Think of your profile as your resume, it should highlight the best things about you and give a reflection of what you are like. Also don’t make it too long or too short either way the reader will get lost or bored. I also highly recommend you asking a good friend to read it over for you or at least ask one of us matchmakers for some advice on it. What should be written? Talk a bit about yourself, who you are, what you like to do, where you see yourself going in the future. Mention things that are important to you in your life. Imagine you are on your first date, and you really are excited about this person, what are some of the first things you would want to tell him or her? The next important paragraph is describing what you are looking for. Make it brief and not a list but give a general idea of what you think would be an ideal match. For those of you who don’t know and should know there is actually a box you can write things just to us matchmakers. I think it really helpful to the matchmakers and gives us a little extra info about what you are looking for that you might not want to have mentioned earlier.

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