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Okay lets be honest, some people take incredible photo’s – well I am not one of them

I just received my new Driver’s License. Being Canadian – the new thing is you can not smile for any of your Legal Documents. My Drivers Licence, a  real “mug shot”. Now I say that with most photo’s I take, since am just so unphotogenic, but this one has to be the worst.

Why may you ask am I bringing this up? Well, I have spoken about this before, you can’t just look at a photo and say this person is not for me. Over the years I have seen some really bad photo’s on the site, and then you meet them….or they update the photo…

We hear all the time, “I met the person and they didn’t look at all like the photo” well maybe consider this, a photo that has no appeal to you, the person may be incredible, or have such a amazing personality that you look at them so differently.

Don’t judge the person by a photo on a website, take the chance and you may be surprised

Give someone a chance.

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