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Phone calls and dating

This seems to be a repeated theme lately on both sides of the fence. Finally get a mutually approved matched and your phone numbers are exchanged. I would assume you are excited to be in touch and one of the members makes the effort to call and only gets the machine. The other member doesn’t return messages for whatever countless reasons. Alternatively, you spoke once for a brief time and said you would speak again soon. That soon turns into weeks and the person who is making the calls is tired of chasing after someone who shows no interest.

Common courtesy tells me that if you are not interested in the other person either close the match or let us matchmakers know so we can do it for you. Trust me the person will be much happier in the end that you never spoke then having to chase you down.

If you are interested and you find yourself as one of those people who are returning calls, ask yourself why? Ok so you work 12 hours a day and are to tired in the evening to speak to someone for an hour. That is why I think first phone calls should be short and just make plans to meet for coffee.

The next time you find yourself not returning calls, either pick up that phone right away or drop us a line to let us know you are busy or uninterested.

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