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Parting of the Red Sea…like a good match?

In last week’s parsha, (Torah segment) we read about Kiryat Yam Suf – parting of the Red Sea – and the exodus to freedom. In Bereshit Rabba, Chapter 68:4, it says “To make a good match is as difficult as the parting of the Red Sea.”

If this is the situation why does everyone think that by joining a dating site, networking, going on single’s events or another other initiative that you may do to find your soul mate will be easy.

If the parting of the Red Sea– and the exodus to freedom was difficult why shouldn’t one of the most important decisions be as complicated? Don’t expect a matchmaker on a dating site to have the perfect person for you – it may happen.  But is takes every possible connection, networking, and being open to try anything to meet your partner.

As a matchmaker I only hope and pray it will – but the amount of matches I have made over the years through the site and off, which has reached the 1000’s, I have been the messenger for 15 successful one’s. It is so difficult to make a match – so to have 15 successful one’s I am thrilled. So take a moment and realize – we can only do so much we are the messenger if it is meant to be that way. Look at this as your exodus, as the Jews leftEgyptfor the unexpected, but believed enough to go forward, I hope that you will also find what you are looking for.

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