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On – Line Dating with a Matchmaker

You are looking to meet someone on-line. Your are busy and you figure it is only way that you can take the stress of of looking and meeting someone. Remember though, we can only make the matches. You have to review, accept or decline, and actually take the time to do this.

If matches go untouched they will time out.

If you do get a mutually approved match, please follow-up. Contact each other, set up a time to meet. It takes a lot of time and work to get the matches made, and it is great when they are approved, I really dislike seeing a match get closed, for Never Got in Touch.

If you are serious, great, but if not, please don’t waste the matchmakers or the other persons time. You are not being fair to all of us. If your personal life is to hectic, it is better to make yourself inactive for a bit.

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