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On-line Dating and your Matchmaker

Words of wisdom from a matchmaker, with an on-line site. It is difficult enough to make a match with information that you write on your profile, and our brief conversations. Please understand that this is a very difficult process, just as you are looking for your ideal partner, we are trying to match you up to that person.

We may not have all the information, and bottom line, only you and that person will know in the end if you are right for each other. It may take many sent out profiles or only one. The same with any other type of dating you are involved with.

But at the same time, some of the excuses we hear for not accepting the matches, are only that excuses. Remember, not everyone is photoghenic, some people are great with writing but when you meet them have nothing to say, while others, can’t really write, and they can keep talking to you in person with ease.  Sometimes you just have to go with your “gut” , but just keep in mind, does it hurt to accept the match and at least speak with the person?

Be a little more open to the matches, you never know who you will meet. It may be the person you are set up with, even though you are not right for each other , will know someone that is perfect for you.

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