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On-line Dating and a Matchmaker

Lets talk, as a matchmaker on a on-line site, what can I see as some of the advantages to this.

Well, we are there to screen the profile’s and the person, and then make matches not only from the profile’s but also from the interactions from the members. We are a voice to speak with – either through email or letting us know and we can call you. Are you having questions about the person, want an unbiased opinion on how the dating is going, or just need someone to speak with to help guide you through the dating process?

As a matchmaker, we are there for you, we don’t only make the matches, we follow through after, how things are going. If we see you haven’t logged in, then a call is made to see how things are going, or let you know that there are matches being made in the network for you to have a look.

If you are being totally unrealistic in what you are expectations are, we will speak with you about this as well. In the end you make the final decisions, but the help is there if you want it.

So lets’ forget the traditional role of the “Yenta” matchmaker, we still could be, but we are also around for you as support, to guide you, and for what you choose our position to be.

So lets work together, and hopefully we can help to find your soul-mate, your Beshert.

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