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More Words of Wisdom

With just hours to go before Rosh Hashanah. Religious or not, this time of year everyone begins to reflect on there life, and the upcoming year. We look to see what we can improve on, and maybe ways to help others. We also ask for forgiveness. Maybe we should ask those that we may have hurt during the dating process? Even if you don’t ask them directly you can speak to G-D and ask. If you are a non-believer, then maybe just ask yourself, to forgive for any wrong doings you may have done.

Dating is difficult, and no matter what, some people will get hurt in the process. Let’s go into the New Year, with maybe a better understanding that we will do our best not to hurt eachother, not only with dating, but in our every day life.

Maybe it is also time to ask yourself, are you being realistic in your dating and that type of person you are looking for. Remember no one is perfect, look at some of the compromises that you may be willing to make in a relationship. Let’s have this year, a year of many simcha’s, (celebrations).

Shana Tovah, and may this year we all get what we are looking and asking for.

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