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Men Get Real…..

Does this sound like you.

Man between 50-65 looking for woman under 40 who wants to have children and still can. Will not compromise. She must be attractive, outgoing, live within 60 miles of..

Now ask yourself.

 How many woman who are available will want to go out with someone over 10-15 years older then they are?

Are you willing to wait, and wait, and still be single and alone. Just because you want children, or more children

What do you have to offer them that is so special?

If you have never been married, then it is time to wake up, why aren’t you? And why have you waited so long to realize this.

Considering we hear, I want, I want, instead of what am I willing to compromise on, men, ( and woman) you will continue to be single.

In a relationship and marriage there is compromise and if you are only saying I, then maybe you are not ready…

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