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Matchmaker, Matchmaker – I need help

Okay you need some help. Ask away that is what we are also for. But please remember,we can only do so much. We can make suggestions, add comments to why we think this is a good match, we can email them again if one person accepts and feels they would really like to meet, we are there for advise..

 But please remember – we are only the shaliach – the messeger. We can not make someone accept a match. We can not change what someone is convinced they are looking for. We can try to make the person a little more realistic, but remember we can not make miracles, only try to.

Please, I  know it is easy to put the blame on someone, but there is not much we can do when it comes to making someone say yes or no.

Some quideline.’s Really ensure that your profile is very clear of they type of person you are looking for - Distance – with/without children – what you are or aren’t willing to compromise on. But be open, you never know where you will meet, when or how.

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