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We have a match – this is not so easy. If you got a call that someone had suggested a match would you consider going on a blind date?

Well think of on-line dating similar to this – but you get to view a little of what they say about themselves and could even view a picture. Now remember – that picture could be updated.

Interesting story – of friend of ours recently mentioned that he went on a date with a woman he met through an on-line site. He viewed a picture – they emailed back and forth and decided to meet. He got to the door, he said she had to weigh 300 pounds..

I am not saying this will happen to you – but think of it this way -maybe the person you are saying no to – the picture is outdated, they are not photogenic, they can’t express themselves on paper -

What am I saying – take the chance go out, or at least speak on the phone, you just never know.

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