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Married to your work?

Do you find yourself in the office 12+ hours a day? Do you work 7 days a week? Are you always on your phone speaking to someone in the office? Have you ever been accused of being a workaholic?

I am glad you found a job that you love, that you put so much time and effort into but then what about putting some time and effort into your personal relationships and looking for that special someone. Some of you are so super intelligent that I know that if you put just half of the time you put into work into your love life that you would find that special someone.

What does this mean? It means calling the person that you are matched up within a day or two of receiving their number. It means e-mailing the matchmakers and being in touch with us about matches and other important information. It also means giving each match a 100% and really trying to see if this person is for you. There are also many ways offline that you can do to help you find that match. All it takes is some commitment to the idea. Just like you go to the gym each day, spend sometime each day working on your love life. I promise you it is much more enjoyable then work in the end :)

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