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Today is my anniversary – a few months ago I wrote how different my husband and I are. Well we talked about this as we sat over dinner.

What brought us together, I still don’t know. Why are we together? The difference’s we have. Well, it is true – but we are together – and we are making it work – open up think what is necessary for a committed relationship. Right now you may need excitement, travel, the outings, but what will you need later on.

I will let you in on something else, my parents – who never had a great marriage. But today as my mother is ill – I watch how my father has been so incredible helping her, helping out around the house, and being there for her. Other men may have left, is this the ideal situation, NO. But I would prefer to have some difference’s with someone and know that they will be around in the later years as well, then to have all the fun and action – but when things get really difficult – they may not be there -

I am not saying don’t look for this – but also really ask yourself – if you meet someone with great inner strength – and wonderful qualities even if they do not have the personality you may have hoped for, or the physical attributes you wished for, don’t say no so quickly – give them a chance – you may surprise yourself

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