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Let’s get real

Dating is difficult, but when you only will go out with your ‘ideal’ match the chances will be slim. As a matchmaker on a on-line site, I am tired if hearing some of the same excuses for not accepting the match.

* she /he seems perfect but physically is not for me. Physically, half the time the pictures on the site don’t do a person justice, or they are glamour shots so they are not the real thing. If everything is perfect then accept the match and meet up and see for yourself if there is a physical attraction.

* Education level. Some one could have a great education, but when you meet them they have nothing to say. Other’s who have no formal education, are bright, articulate, and have incredible “street smarts”. Meet them, speak with them. Many people are very happy and one partner has there Doctorate when the other has a Associate degree. Remember as well, having an education doesn’t always mean a better job. Many people have great jobs and are high earners with a high school degree.

* I don’t like pets and they do. Just because some one like’s a pet, doesn’t mean they will choose the pet over you.

* Age. Age is only a number, many people are in there late 40′s-50′s and are more athletic, outgoing then those in there 20′s. You may also meet a man/woman,  young/older, a few years either way is really no big deal.

This are just a few of my ‘pet peeves’ with excuses, there are still more. But enough for one time

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