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Let’s be serious in Jewish Dating

It is time to get serious. as the years go on – why does it seem that everyone is still so…picky in trying to find a partner. I don’t understand how someone can think they will get – the model look – the very high earner – someone who lives withing 15 km

The model look – lets be honest how many people are the “model” why do you believe by signing up to a site that is what you will get in matches. Being realistic – I doubt it.

The very high earner – we can’t really ask a person what they make for a living – if you feel that, there are other ways of finding the higher earner – join the millionaires club..

Within 15 km – lets be honest – the chances – you have to open up a little..

Oh, and of course those that live in rural area’s – geograhically undesirable – if you haven’t found someone in your own community or close by – how do you think we could – open up the critieria, help us out.

If you are really serious then be more open, and more realistic work with us so you can get suitable matches

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