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I remember when I was dating, I was so frustrated with having to start over again each time I met a new person. I felt like a broken record, repeating the same story about my life that seemed to fascinate most men and get me to keep dating them for awhile. Then things usually fizzled off because of the lack of chemistry or attraction and I would find myself again at square one, having to tell another guy all about me and what I was looking for. It was so tiring and frustrating. Being the ever optimist what I learned to do after each guy was to re-evaluate what I was looking for and what was really important in a match. I really started to feel that each guy I met brought me closer to finding my match as I learned more about myself and what I was looking for. Try to make the best out of dating and make it as much of a positive experience as possible. Make it a way for you to grow, to get to know more about yourself. You might as well since you will be hearing your life story over and over again :)

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