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Jewish New Year and Dating

This is the time of year that we all reflect on our lives. Where we are, what improvements we want to make, and how we should look and approach the future.

It is also the time, that so many Jewish Single’s will sit in synagogue, and think, how nice it would be to have a spouse this time next year. Well, this is possible. It is time to take dating seriously if you haven’t been. Maybe this is the year, to take it upon yourselves to make it your priority.

Network, join on-line sites, go to single’s events. But, you have to take it seriously and follow-up. Don’t just expect that once you have been matched with someone or, a friend highly recommends someone to you, that unless you contact this person and make the initial steps, they will not be part of your future.

You have to contact them, speak to them, go out with them to see if they are for you. Work, your friends, your gym, your daily activities will all still be there, but unless you make a real effort your future partner will just be part of your dreams.

If you are serious, then this is the perfect time, with Rosh Hashanah just weeks away, make a decision and stick to it.

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