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You will have to make decisions about the Jewish Dating Service that you will use. Do you want to join an online dating network? If you do a search you will find a vast amount of Jewish Dating Services. So how do you find what is right for you? Most people are on more then one Jewish Dating Service site. Do you want to have a matchmaker that will look for you, or do you want to do your own searching? Do you want to actually hire a matchmaker, this is also available online, but you may be more of a premium for this service. Cost is another important factor. If you are limited within your budget, you may only be able to afford one Jewish Dating Service; you will have to choose which will be best for you.

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  • Rebecca · June 20, 2007 at 10:53 am

    I am a member of a few jewish dating sites and some of them are private and some are public, where anyone can see your profile, which is kind of creepy sometimes. I have had weird guys email me and try to ask me out but it didn’t work. The plus about the matchmaking sites is that usually your profile can be private which is a nice thing to have since you then have less of a chance of weird stalkers and you have a matchmaker looking on your behalf.I like the personal touch!

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