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Jewish Dating – “Your wants”

When I speak to someone, they always tell me what they want in a person, I want this look, I want this education level, I want, I want, I want.

What does this say to you, will you be expecting – I your relationship as well. Lets look at this a little. Instead maybe ask yourself, what type of person – who will make you a better person, someone who will work together to build a wonderful home, and family. Someone who is open, honest, and gives to others.

Look for the qualities that will stay forever. A person who is tall, dark, and handsome today, may only keep is height later in years. A woman who is beautiful and thin, after a few children may put on a few pounds, may or may not age well over time.

Look for the lasting qualities, not the superficial ones. Your perfect partner may be the last person you would think would be suitable. So don’t judge someone by there picture, or how they appear to write a profile, give yourself the opportunity to meet or at least to speak with them.

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