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Jewish Dating – What we can do to help

When I think back to my many years of dating – (getting married at 40 for the first time, I really can say this). I try to figure out ways to help other single’s. What am I doing?

I am always trying to meet people of all ages, and I keep my mind open when I am speaking….mmm maybe I know someone for this person….

I want to try to fix them all up, but there is a problem. Not knowing how to network more, where to find the single’s, yes you keep meeting them, I have so many woman, and not enough men. I have even called other matchmakers, left messages and never heard back.

Maybe it is time we stop thinking about the “number’ game, how many people can we fix up, and instead all work together to just get people matched up. Look to do more for the single’s, run programs, in religious communities have Single’s Shabbos meals, get the communities involved in single events. Network.

But I think, most important, as we all get married, and still have single friends, don’t forgt about them. Still keep in touch, get together with them, we may not have as much in common with them anymore, but they were once our friends and should continue to be so!

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