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Jewish Dating – Warning Signs

You are out on a date, and you start to feel uncomfortable, it may be something that was said, or done. Take these signs as a warning. It may mean that you just know that you won’t go out again, but other times if you are getting “feelings”, it may be time to end the date.

Many people on a first date, make a place to meet, this is a good idea, as you can make your own way home. I know, I use to have a signal with friends, they would call me on my cell,  and I would have a “sign” with them to let them know if everything was okay or not. Perfect excuse, when the phone rings..”emergency” has come up and you will have to leave. I remember one incident where even with the initial phone call, something didn’t sound so good, but the person who fixed us up knew me and I thought knew the guy. I went out with him, but had a friend around the corner of the restaurent just to make sure I was okay. He was a little strange but harmless, the date was uncomfortable but wasn’t to worried, and I just gave her a sign that she can go.

Don’t put yourself at risk, go with your gut, but when talking on the phone and you have this feeling, it may just be nerves, so it is still worth the attempt of a meeting. You never know what could happend. The date could be fine, and things may work out.

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