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Jewish Dating – Thoughs to think about

Dating for some people is difficult. We grow up thinking of marriage and children, spending time as a family, and then our later years enjoying our children, and our life, maybe traveling or spending time with our spouses.

But today so many of us are getting married later, we have spent the first years traveling, and now having the children in our 30-40′s makes us realize that are “older age” will be with our teenagers. This is not exactly what our dreams where.

But it is happening more and more. As you get older your expectations of your partner will change as well. What one would have expected for a spouse when they were in there 20′s, well now in your 30-40′s  it may have become a very different person. You have to go with this, you may think that you are like the person you where, but let’s face it as one get’s older so does the body and mind. One can still act young, but it does catch up.

I can speak from experience, so I am not just saying this, I feel very young, but in my late 40′s, and have the young kids still, I don’t have the energy that I use to, I will be a parent of teenagers in my 50′s and marrying off my kids when I am in the 60′s. I have realized this, it is not ideal, but getting married later in years that’s what happens.

Open yourself up, so many men say they won’t date woman in there 40′s because they want kids, men get real woman in there 20-30′s don’t usually want men over 10 years older. If you still want children, so do many woman who are older as well. There are options out there today. Don’t wait around for the “young woman” so you can be a father, you may never have the opportunity then

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