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Jewish Dating – Say Yes..

As a matchmaker I hear all the time, reasons for declining matches. Some of the reasons are fairly “lame”. Why not give each other a chance, we keep saying don’t just judge the photo’s or profile you have to meet the person to really find out who they are, as long as there are some similiarities then why not just  meet the person.

I had someone tell me they declined a match because the person had the same name as there father. They didn’t even read further. When I mentioned that this person was really interested, and to have a look, they agreed to check things out again. They ended up going out a few times, but at least they gave it a chance.

How many times to you hear a story of the way people meet, or that they would have never gone out because they were so different, but someone suggested it so they figured why not?

My husband and I are so different but we gave it a chance, and we are very happily married, our differences work it out. 

Don’t say no so quickly. You just never know how or when you will meet your future partner. say YES for a change.

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