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Jewish Dating On-line, being realistic

Let’s Talk.

You join a Jewish Dating  Site, and there are quite a few out there.  What do you pay monthly $12-$25 depending on the site and the services you sign up for? Think about the price, it is probably what you spend on coffee for the week – ah the coffee is probably more. 

You decide to check out one of the many single’s events in your area, you go and have a good time. But no success in meeting someone

You decide to check out one of the many trips for single’s today, you go and have an amazing time seeing a different country – or enjoyig a cruise. But no success in meeting someone.

You now join one of the many on-line Jewish sites you get matches – you go out on dates, but no success.

You may live in an area with limited Jew’s, and or know most in the area. Or you live in one of the “Big” cities but age wise out of the 2o-40 range, and it may be more difficult to meet someone. You speak to us on the phone and you are fully aware of these “challenges to dating” . Of course – you can’t and don’t  give up you continue to go on the single’s events, the trips, social networking, trying to meet someone that you will be compatible with and can have  a serious relationship.

So where am I going with this..if you are on the site’s it is because you haven’t met someone up to now. You want help looking for and potentially to meet someone. We can’t guarantee the success of the site. We can’t quarantee how many matches you will receive or if they will be mutually accepted or not. We can’t quarantee that today you will meet someone. We can try our best in helping in the process.

We speak with you on the phone – and you mention how difficult it is to meet, then you ask how many people on the site will you be compatible with? You ask how many people in your area, as you mention you know everyone and can you find me someone “new”. The challenges are there.

So this is my question – for the price of a few cups of coffee, you can be on the site and get the benefits of it, we may not have a match – for you but do you question when you go on the single’s event – or the trips – or you have been dating for years with no luck and you are spending so much – do you ask for your money back from all the other places?

Try and see what we can do, it may take just a few weeks, months, or years, but it is one more option available to you – so for the price of those coffee’s take a chance. But just try to enjoy the Jewish Dating Services  out there and available to you

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