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Jewish Dating on line

You have decided to sign up for one / or more of the many on-line Jewish Dating Services. Great, but please take it seriously. If you are looking for matches, or you have a matchmaker that does it for you, please respond to the match. Respond to the emails, continue to log in regularly, if you are required to review matches that are sent to you, don’t let them time out. Have a look and accept or decline.

It is very frustrating as a matchmaker to have to contact members, even when you are logging in to review your matches. Especially if the other person has already approved the match. It is also very frustrating to have to follow-up with people, when after a mutually approved match, you still don’t contact each other. If your schedule is busy, or you have personal things to take care, you can still make a quick call and let them know.

If you are not serious, then maybe you should reconsider, joining the sites till you are. Consider the other people as well, would you want it done to you?

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