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Jewish dating more traditionally?

We all know that in order to get married you will have to meet someone and date. The couple actually have to meet, and agree to the match. You should be ready when you date to make a committed relationship work, and decide if you are ready for marriage or if you just want to date casually. If you want the casual relationship – then please don’t agree to go out with someone who is marriage minded and committed.

 When you are dating you want to see if the person is compatible, how do you go about this? Choosing a place especially at the beginning to meet and talk to find out if there is enough to move forward. You want to discuss what you re looking for – and what and where you can see yourself in the future. If you find that there are similar goals, and you are both serious this will be the start for building a great beginning. By meeting someone casually and taking years to date, and decide – why, are you really dating to determine if this person is for you – do you wait for months to decide to speak about what you are looking for in a spouse, a partner?

 If you start with the basics then you have what to build on the relationship, the ideas of the traditional – religious approach to dating can be used. Meet, talk and go out – don’t spend so many “dates” trying to impress each other – for men taking and spending so much to be creative in a date where you have a great time but don’t even speak to each other. This is something for later on – when you know it is the “right” person – then go and have the fun and together build and enjoy the time together, and most important your future together.

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