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Jewish Dating – “Dates”

Dates, in order to meet someone you will probably have to go out on a date. We all want a relationship but you have to realize you will have to go out on those dreaded dates first to get to this stage.

Dating at first is not fun. Getting to know each other, the first conversations and trying to figure out the best things to say, or not to say. But another way of dating today is on-line. How can we have a few ‘fun’ dates this way.

I just read that a couple, with these days working up towards Rosh Hashanah, scheduled a visit to a Seniors home, each in there own city, spoke to the Seniors and arranged Shofer to be blown. Then after the visit, spoke about the experience to each other on-line. This got me thinking. On-line dating? This is a perfect example of being creative, and doing something together, without really being together. If you are in this situation, maybe try something similar.

Dating doesn’t have to be so bad. What ever your way of dating is, remember it is just the first step to meeting your partner, and if you don’t take those first steps you probably won’t have one.

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