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Jewish Dating – are there any answers?

This is a response I wrote to a member of mine after he was commenting on the frustrations of dating and how he never though he would still be single….

I can relate – I was voted to be the first in my high school class to be married – I was the 2nd to last – and got married at 40..there are NO answers to any of this – as after 7 years of matchmaking – over 20 years of dating – even though they now give me a credit for being an “expert” I really don’t think anyone can be. It is just pure “Mazel” when the time is for anyone to meet.


As for being “cool” – when a dear friend of mine met my husband – he came to me and said – never thought he would be your type expected you to be with this “cool” guy…my husband mister conservative – we are so….different in so many aspects…but somehow we make it work. Can I answer or give you advise …no real answer – unfortunetly – I can just say do what you can network – use everything you can – and just be the best person you can be – and know that you are doing what you you said – you are at a good place in your life..and no you are not the only one…I hear this from so…many men and woman, so it is not unique.

Why are there so many singles out there…I think for some of the reasons many got caught up with school – exams – careers – and by the time they are available years later and older – expectations are now a little different..people are more set in there ways – for some maybe a little more selfish – and for others just looking for their “ideal” relationship which to be honest I don’t think really exists.

Is this the asnwer you want to hear – I am sure not – but there is only one person who has the answer’s and I know it is not me…

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