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Jewish Dating – and Relocation

Something to consider. Relocation. Depending on where you live, it may be very difficult to meet other Jewish people. Or for that matter, even in a big city with alot of Jews. Relocation is difficult, leaving your home, family, or great paying job. 

It may be a good option for some. Don’t say no to suggestions from other communities. You may be missing out on meeting your future partner. Relocation can be discussed, and be one more obstacle to overcome. Things that can be considered for who should be the one to relocate.

Who has the higher income?

Who has the better chance of finding employment in the other city?

Are one of you caregiver for elderly parent, or children that are at an age that would be difficult to move?

These are just some questions to ask each other. In the world of Jewish Dating, there are already difficulties to finding someone suitable, why miss out on someone that may be perfect, or not so perfect, just because they live in another city.

Think about something, if you met someone while on vacation, and really got along great, would you stop seeing each other just because you lived in different places? I doubt it, it makes things a little more difficult, but you would probably continue to see each other and see how it would go.

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