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Committment: That is what you need for Jewish Dating. It is time to get over one more obstacle in your life, how many have you already conquered? It is time to move on and make that committment, but it starts even at the initial stages of dating. Take it seriously.

* If you are trying to reach someone, call them when they can be reached not during the hours when you know they won’t be available.

* If you are making plans to go out, then go out, don’t come up with an excuse the last minute.

* be honest and upfront from the beginning. If there is a reason why you are afraid to make a committment, then let the person know. Don’t have to give all the details but enough for understanding. Maybe they can help you overcome them

These are just a few suggestions. Any other that you have pass them on…just remember. Remain single, or start the next phase of your life…

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