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Is She/He interested?

We all have this amazing picture in our mind of meeting that perfect someone, having instant chemistry and falling madly in love right away. Though there are some people out there who say this has happened to them ( trust me they are few and far between), most of us need time to figure out if this person in front of us is someone we want to spend our days with.The problem usually comes when one person shows more interest then the second one. The one who is interested then becomes confused and doesn’t know where things stand. My advice when you get into this sort of situation is first to give things a little time. If you have just gone out maybe one or two dates and haven’t had much contact, it probably just means he/she needs more time to see if their interest will grow. If things haven been a little while and you are not sure where they stand, then it is time to open the communication channels and talk about it. Don’t start telling the person you want to marry them! But do let them know that you are interested in taking things to the next level and being more serious. Express what you would like to see happen next and see their response.  If you are not comfortable talking to them then this is a warning sign in my book since open communication is 100% necessary in a relationship. In my personal experience, conversations of this nature will either make or break things and make it clearer as to where things stand. This is usually the point where you get closer with someone or you realize that they are not for you.In any case, figuring out if someone is interested or not is not always the easiest thing. Lucky for you on Jretromatch you have us matchmakers who can help by talking to them and finding out where they stand.

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