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Intercity Jewish Dating

Dating Distance is not usually what anyone would want – but for some people this is the only way they could meet. With on-line site’s this is more of a possibility and “doors” can be broader and the matches can be made. So when you are dating – consider Jewish Dating – and going the long distance route..

Don’t close yourself off to Intercity Dating or even International, it is more difficult but you can make it work if it is meant to be. It will be more of a challenge, and you will require some creativity to keep it going but it could be worth it. It may be best to speak to each other a few times before you schedule the first meeting – which will require one of you to travel.

Plan ahead -  how will you get there – where will you stay – who will be the one to travel first.

Things to think about – if the date doesn’t work out – what will you do?

Here are some tips: some that I  personally did while Intercity Dating:

1. If you have friends in the city you are traveling to, made arrangements to stay with them – this way make the best of the time away

2. If you go to  a new city – stay at a Hotel -  “research” the city – so if things don’t work out make a mini-vacation so at least you get to enjoy yourself and do some site-seeing

3.  Help the person with there travel plans – make arrangements for them to being picked up at the Airport, or at least offer – or assist with a place to stay. Highly recommend the first visit even if they offer do not stay at there place. Just in case things don’t work out it may be very uncomfortable for the both of you.

4. Don’t plan to be together every second of the day. If things go well – then plans can be changed easier then trying to make arrangements to find things to do…

5. Make the first visit a short one, but if you can extend it if things work out then that would be great.

6. No matter what happens make the best of the time away.

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