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Okay this is something we hear all the time when trying to make matches.

“We are so different” – why would you even think about this as a potential partner..know why ???

 Let me tell you…I am married 9 years now – and I really don’t know too many things that my husband and I are compatible with.

We went on a trip the other day with my daughters and 200 other people. It was amazing – a wonderful hike in an incredible Canyon – it was so beaufiful – as we where walking though – his comment – “okay why are we doing this…”

Then a Jeep Tour through the Desert – we are driving through – to me it was so amazing to have the opportunity to experience this, him – no animals – same scenery…”are we having fun yet..”

Then another incredible experience -  a Bedoin telling stories in the tent and enjoying Tea and snacks then a Camel ride..(okay the camel ride I can understand – a little difficult for men to be in the saddle) – but what a day.

(Yes I live in Israel)…but to be able to take a trip like this and in one day have the experience’s we did..his comments – are we having fun…why are we doing this…

Vacation’s I love them – to experience new things – get away what ever we do I look at as an experience, and to open my (our) eyes to new things..he is happy at home.

It is not only activities..child rearing, music, he likes being at home, me I need to go out and explore, have fun ..

Yes we are different and I question how and why we are together – but we are together and happily married, yes we have our differences but we work it out, and make it work. Just because you may not be with someone who is “compatible” doesn’t mean it won’t work. Sometime’s we have to open up and really look at other qualities that the person has. What was it for me..I know what ever happens he will be there for me – in sickness, for me and my family, he is supportive – and will encourage me – and HE IS THERE FOR ME..

So figure out what you really want – and what is important to you, you may be surprised..


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